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Did I just buy three bootleg games?

Started by Pickaxe Brad!, March 27, 2023, 04:48:06 PM

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wow!! great game, just played it on the emulator for almost an hour !! guy is hard to control, but other than that I dont understand why it wasnt much more wide spread back in the day ...
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Pickaxe Brad!

Quote from: manopac on March 28, 2023, 07:54:33 AMCan you take ... a better picture of the label also? That would be great :)

I got the scan for you.
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Nice label!!! and in incredible condition for a 40 year old label and cartridge!! such a lucky find :D
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as still no one officially called it out - VERY NICE April fools joke :D

congratulations Brad - everything from the way of posting very innocently an image and asking about 3 common carts in the lot putting the one cart that is super interesting to everyone in there, to posting a few gameplay pictures, to answering questions about the cart and promising to dump it - even posting in an old Eprom-Reader thread :D

and the rom that was posted was also great :D

probably the best April fool jokes we ever had here on the forum :-)

(if it wasn't so HIGHLY unlikely to find a released game now and so close before April 1st, I might not even have gotten suspicious :P)
sex, lies, and videopac


Yes, in the beginning you actually had me fooled! Well played!
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