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Odyssey 2 MIDI Cartridge question / proposal / inquiry

Started by, April 10, 2023, 04:09:45 AM

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Has anyone done or considered making a kind of MIDI Cartridge for the O2?   I've seen various products for other consoles and thought the O2 would be a perfect candidate. 

the NES and SNES had carts like this.  The intellivision had a prototype done, but it never went public. 

Something like this, but using the O2's audio chip

I figure it's two parts..

1. it's a MIDI interface cartridge so it would have one MIDI IN port to receive basic midi notes from outside.. 

2. a software synth of sorts allowing a player to make variations in the audio..  the O2's chip is certainly simple and IIRC monophonic, but the O2 can still make some really cool sound that are unique to the game. 

I imagine there are a number of musicians who are also O2 owners.  I love the idea of composing chip tunes on original hardware. 



do I understand it right? the idea is to use a MIDI keyboard (or other instrument) to play notes on the O2/Videopac (in a software similar to Musician which uses the O2 keyboard to play these notes) ?

as you say - with the VERY limited sound capabilities of the videopac, I am not sure it is actually worth doing something like that :D but definitely interesting :-)

not sure if you know Puzzle Piece Panic? (a great homebrew :-) )
from 6:27 you can hear the "Game Over Music" which is an amazing piece of programming that Ted did there - so if you want to do something good with that midi interface, it might be worth looking into programming a "synth" using the techniques he used :-)
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Wow yea that's some cool stuff for sure.  I have a friend who maybe someday i could tap to help me with it..  i would probably see if i could make a "soft synth" with this audio chip possibly..  but yea might just be a pipe dream..  it's one of those things that would probably be fairly easy for someone who already has the knowledge..  but for me to get to the point where i understand it well enough to then do something with it seems like a lofty goal.. but we'll see.  If I get a grasp of that my friend might be able to help lend the hardware knowhow to team up on it..  but still a lot of ifs. :)


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@videopacbelgium i only found TedFoolery as a user name..   is this the right person?