Custom Cartridge Holders for the Odyssey 2 now available

Started by, April 12, 2023, 06:04:41 PM

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Hi everyone,

So after I made these for the intellivision I realized our beloved Odyssey 2 doesn't seem to have much love in the way of a nice lose cartridge holder system.  So I wanted to share my proposed initial ideas.  I can tailor these to any configuration you like, but here are two approaches. 

1. Simply an in line row by row approach which can be seen like this:

2. Made with the O2 in mind because the labels are not like most game carts so the stacking allows you to see the game titles and at least some of the art for each game:

If you're interested in either approach feel free to reply here or you can find me on Atari Age (Caleb Garner) and I'm happy to make something for you. 

For the traditional flat tray style carts, the price is $5 + $1 per cartridge slot.  I can configure it however you like.  there is a flat $5 as well for shipping in the US.  International is possible as well. 

So if you want a 5 slot tray style it would be $15 w/ shipping included.  you want one with 20?  it would be $30 with shipping included. 

For the step style one I build these using enough material so they feel solid and not flimsy.  However given the exponential nature of how much time / material would be needed as it slots increase I would just have to crunch the numbers of the specifically desired size.


Doing my first order for someone.  They want 2 wide, 4 deep, Stairs Style..