G7200 screen replacement

Started by BorisBecks, May 13, 2023, 12:20:37 PM

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Hi everyone!
I recently bought a lot of different Videopac systems for a project and ended up with a busted G7200.

The case is yellowed bit alright, the power button seems fine and the board itself works when connected via SCART but the CRT is broken and dies not turn at all.

Now I'm planning to replace the screen with an LCD panel. I already have several parts and a rough estimation what I want to to, but stopped myself and want to ask: Has anyone done something like this before and has their method or tips to share? Anyone interested in my method or progress?

Cheers from Germany


The CRT in the G7200 is monochrome but is mixed/created from the TTL RGB signals of the videopac mainboard.
On the backside of the G7200 you have a DIN connector which has all the RGB and sync signals in a SCART compatible format. You just need to convert from those to whatever your LCD needs.
And then you have color too  :)

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That's my plan and I already tested it yesterday  :)
I take RGB and sync from the DIN, feed it into a GBS8200 scaler with the GBSc firmware and then via VGA into a flatscreen that ist about the right size.

I'm thinking about doing some kind of monochrome mode. I have an RGB to S-Video converter and could feed the Luma part into the YPbPr input of the scaler. I think the complicated part is mounting everything and having a sensible power supply.

In that note... I noticed the Videopac board gets 5V and 12V. Is 12V used for anything other than going straight to the DIN?