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How to repair a bad Odyssey 2 joystick port? (Fixed)

Started by, May 21, 2023, 09:33:07 PM

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I was testing out some original gray controllers when I hot swapped them and for some reason the game system froze up.. i went to reboot it and everything seemed fine except that one of the two joystick ports is now always moving "up" and won't do anything else.  the other joystick port works fine. 

I have some spare O2 boards I could take parts from.  Does anyone know what chip(s) would be related to a single joystick port? 


are those orange flat discs all over the mother board resistors or fuses?  I'm wondering if it could be one of those that blew creating the problem..

I have good news. Replacing that chip did fix my dead joystick port.  I'm back in business baby!  that IC chip that was replaced isn't a rare one and can still be bought if not sourced from another O2 board (which is where I got mine from and thankfully worked).  Hopefully others don't have this happen but if they do, there is hope to fix without having to do replace rare chips or complex operations.


Just saw this post, haven't been online for quite a while.
The orange flat discs are capacitors.

I buy most ICs on eBay, because many of them are still used today for all kinds of circuits.
( unless it's the CPU or anything that is Videopac specific ).

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