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Does anyone know how to make an adapter for any of the Wico Rollers?

Started by, June 23, 2023, 04:31:46 AM

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Hi everyone, I'm learning what I can about how I might make a pong paddle for the Odyssey.  The Wico looks like the closest thing to an option, but i need to get one to understand how it works and what it would take..  however finding an O2 version is pretty rare.  I see a number of affordable ones I might be able to acquire but I'd need to figure out how to get the signal right

Is there a particular one that would be the closest match?  I would think the 2600 version would be the easiest to adapt too?  I make a 2600 adapter cable for the O2..  would I just mirror those wiring routes to get the signal to the O2 safely?

What games use it?  So I can test it to know it works. 



Well, I don't think there are any games supporting analog input.
I had a Wico trackball (analog device but digital input) which was very disappointing.

disappointing why?  lack of games for it?  crappy performance?   didn't work at all?


Take a look at the simplified data processing
digital joystick: direction left, direction right, fire
analog paddle: position 1, 2, ... 199, 200, fire


In my opinion the Wico Trackball for the Odyssey2 plays for example very well with Terrahawks (Attack of the Timelord), the game feels much better than with joystick ...