modified Atari Flashback HDMI console is now an O2EM console

Started by timdu, July 02, 2023, 02:01:43 AM

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I have discovered a way to modify the Atari Flashback HDMI console to an O2EM console.
I am Still experimenting with it.

CONTROLS: you choose the game from the menu with the joystick. Press the ACTION button to choose the game.
Then a SELECT game appears. Press the SELECT button on the joystick ( second small red button on the front of the joystick #1 ) and an on-screen keyboard appears.
I can move the on-screen cursor around to the key I want to press, and then press the ACTION button.
Pretty cool! Press the SELECT button on the joystick to exit out of the on-screen keyboand and begin the game.
Pressing the MENU button on the jotstick ( first small red button on the front of the joystick #1 )

The following Odyssey2 games are included:

Alien Invaders—Plus!   9428   
Alpine Skiing!   9418   
Armored Encounter!/Sub Chase!   9403   
Atlantis   720076-1A   Imagic
Attack of the Timelord!   9445   
Baseball!   9408   
Blockout!/Breakdown!   9427   
Bowling!/Basketball!   9404   
Casino Slot Machine!   9426   
Clay Pigeon
Comando Norturno
Computer Golf!   9410   
Computer Intro!   9406   
Conquest of the World   9431   
Cosmic Conflict!   9411   
Demon Attack   720075-1A   Imagic
Dynasty!   9421   
Electronic Table Soccer!   9423   
Football!   9402   
Freedom Fighters!   9436   
Great Wall Street Fortune Hunt, The   9434   
Hockey!/Soccer!   9420   
I've Got Your Number!   9413   
Invaders from Hyperspace!   9414   
K.C. Munchkin!   9435   
K.C.'s Krazy Chase!   9442   
Keyboard Creations!   9433   
Killer Bees!   9447   
Las Vegas Blackjack!   9401   
Matchmaker!/Buzzword!/Logix!   9407   
Math-A-Magic!/Echo!   9405   
Monkeyshines!   9432   
Nimble Numbers Ned   9439   
Out of this World!/Helicopter Rescue!   9419   
P.T. Barnum's Acrobats!   9443   
Pachinko!   9425   
Pick Axe Pete!   9437   
Pocket Billiards!   9424   
Power Lords   9448   
Quest for the Rings, The   9429   
Showdown in 2100 A.D.   9416   
Sid the Spellbinder   9438   
Smithereens!   9441   
Speedway!/Spin-Out!/Crypto-Logic!   9400   
Take the Money and Run!   9412   
Thunderball!   9415   
Turtles   9446   
Type & Tell   9440   
UFO!   9430   
Volleyball!   9422   
War of Nerves!

I did some quick tests. KC MUNCHKIN plays fine. So cool to see this on my HDTV, although it is not taking up the entire amount of wide screen HDTV. I may have to play around with settings.

ATTACK OF THE TIMELORD plays fine, although I cannot seem to get the voice to work. Again, I may have to play around with the settings.

There is also a VIDEOPAC / PHILIPS screen:

The following games are included in that section:

[4 in 1 Row]
[The Blobbers]
[Catch the Ball + Noughts and Crosses]
[Chez Maxime]
[Chinese Logic]
[Computer Programmer]
[Depth Charge + Marksman]
[Electronic Billiards]
[Jumping Acrobats]
[Kinderim Verkehr]
[The Labyrinth Game + Supermind]
[Laser War]
[Loony Balloon]
[Martian Threat]
[The Mousing Cat]
[Neutron Star]
[Pairs + Space Rendezvous + Logic]
[Red Baron]
[Robot City]
[Satellite Attack]
[Secret of the Pharaohs]
[Shark Hunter]
[Stone Sling]
[Super Bee]
[Super Cobra]

I tried FROGGER and it seems to play fine.

When done, you do have to choose the SHUTDOWN option. It closes down the emulator properly.
You cannot just power the unit off!

I am interested in selling this. If you are interested, please send me a message


Tim D.


Hi Tim, when you say that you have discovered a way to modify the Atari Flashback console to execute O2EM, it means that you developed a modding code for the Atari Flashback console?

Does it replace the original BIOS or it can be executed on an external SD-Card?

And what do you mean with selling this development? To single users for personal use or to At-games in order to include it in future firmware updates?

And on which device typology could it be run? (Flashback 8, 8 gold, 9, 9 gold, X, X Gold, 50th Anniversary Edition, 50th Anniversary Edition Gold...).

Could you share some screenshots or screen recording in order to evaluate it?

Thank you!
Videopac+ G7400 & C7420


No - I don't have the programming skills to code for the console. This is a build that runs off the external SD card. if you turn on the console without the SD card in the console, then it defaults to the original configuration of the 110 built-in games:

1. 3-D Tic-Tac-Toe
2. Adventure
3. Adventure II
4. Air·Sea Battle
5. Amidar
6. Aquaventure
7. Asteroids®
8. Asteroids Deluxe
9. Atari Climber
10. Backgammon
11. Basketball
12. Beamrider
13. Black Jack
14. Bowling
15. Breakout®
16. Canyon Bomber™
17. Centipede®
18. Championship Soccer™
19. Circus Atari™
20. Chopper Command
21. Cosmic Commuter
22. Combat®
23. Combat Two
24. Crackpots
25. Crystal Castles®
26. Decathlon
27. Demons to Diamonds™
28. Desert Falcon®
29. Dodge'Em
30. Double Dunk™
31. Dragster
32. Enduro
33. Fatal Run
34. Fishing Derby
35. Flag Capture
36. Football
37. Frogger
38. Frog Pond
39. Front Line
40. Frostbite
41. Fun with Numbers
42. Golf
43. Gravitar®
44. Gyruss
45. Hangman
46. Haunted House™
47. H.E.R.O.
48. Home Run
49. Human Cannonball™
50. Indy 500
51. Jungle Hunt
52. Kaboom!
53. Keystone Kapers
54. Maze Craze
55. Megamania
56. Millipede™
57. Missile Command®
58. Miniature Golf
59. MotoRodeo
60. Night Driver™
61. Off-the-Wall
62. Oink!
63. Outlaw
64. Pitfall!
65. Polaris
66. Pooyan
67. Pong (Video Olympics)
68. Pressure Cooker
69. Radar Lock
70. Realsports® Baseball
71. Realsports® Basketball
72. Realsports® Soccer
73. Realsports® Volleyball
74. Return to Haunted House
75. River Raid
76. Saboteur™
77. Save Mary
78. Secret Quest
79. Seaquest
80. Sky Diver
81. Slot Machine
82. Slot Racers
83. Solaris
84. Space Invaders
85. Space War
86. Sprintmaster
87. Star Ship
88. Stampede
89. Steeplechase
90. Stellar Track™
91. Street Racer
92. Submarine Commander
93. Super Baseball
94. Super Breakout®
95. Super Football
96. Surround
97. Starmaster
98. Swordquest: Earthworld
99. Swordquest: Fireworld
100. Swordquest: Waterworld
101. Tempest®
102. Track & Field
103. Tutankham
104. Video Checkers
105. Video Chess
106. Video Pinball
107. Warlords®
108. Wizard
109. Yars' Return
110. Yars' Revenge®

This is for personal use. I do not own any of the Atari 50 models yet. It is running on the Flashback 9.  It is the only console I have that sports a SD card slot.
I have a Flashback 9 for sale. I will sell this to an individual if they are interested. I did take some pictures. They are on the first post. I am still experimenting with it and trying to see if I can THE VOICE to work under O2EM. That is the emulator it appears to be using.

Send me a private message if you are interested