I have a WHITE controller...? and more controller questions

Started by gehtjanx, August 22, 2023, 03:12:34 AM

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I have some Philips G7000 controllers:
- most are black with DIN plug
- two are silver on the top part, and have a DB9 port
- one is white/beige/light? ITS NOT SILVER

So my questions are:
1.) Is the controller with the DB9 plug ocmpatible with the ATARI standard (e.g. C64)?

2.) What is the WHITE controller about? Is it a special series? Is it rare? Where does it belong to the G7200 maybe?!?!?



Your controller is probably a G7200 controller which looks like that:
G7200 Controller
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Oh, hmm, I only have one white.

So the silver ones, I cannot use.

The black are normal.