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Capacitors on bottom of Renewed Odyssey 2 board

Started by FiddlersViridian, August 25, 2023, 03:49:13 AM

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I'm trying to get an Odyssey 2 console working and found something I haven't been able to find any information about and wondered if you Gurus here knew anything about it.  There are two ceramic capacitors (47uf, I think) soldered to the bottom of the board.  They were under shields that were soldered in place, so I'm guessing they might have been added by the factory.  Neither one was soldered very well, though, and one was even disconnected on one side.  Was this a common repair?  There are more pictures of the capacitors and everything here, if that helps.

The case is marked as "Renewed" (literally branded into the plastic on the bottom) so I'm guessing they may have been added as part of that process.  The motherboard was heavily shielded, top and bottom, which I haven't seen in any other pictures or videos I've found yet either.

I was waiting for new electrolytic capacitors to arrive, and I'll try reconnecting the two on the bottom when I replace those and see what happens.  This repair video on Youtube shows a capacitor on the bottom of the board, but in a different place. I'm not sure if I'll need to add one there myself.

I'm new to the Odyssey 2, but have restored a few other consoles & C64s so I know a little bit. Right now it powers on and outputs a video signal. It's usually a black screen, but about 1 time out of 10 it will show some 'garbage' characters on the screen so it's trying to do something.  Like I mentioned, I'm starting by replacing the elecrolytic caps, generally cleaning things up and will reflow the cartridge connector, see if that shows any progress and go from there.


The video says it's a bypass cap for the cpu because schematics say there should be a .01μF cap but that's not enough as the cpu acts funny, so they retrofitted a .1μF cap. Both run in parallel which is no prob.

I have no experience with Odyssey 2 consoles as I live in the EU. I don't know how many models/revisions exist out there. Just check you PCB if there's a .01μF cap or a .1μF cap at that position. Maybe you have a later revision which already has the .1μF cap.

Chances are good the 2 caps on your PCB are also bypass caps.
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I've seen the same 2 Ceramics under my O2.... the assembly on these is pretty haphazard. :'-)