FIVE NEW GAMES for the Videopac/O2 ... and a book!

Started by RayXambeR, September 09, 2023, 02:30:34 PM

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What's the story on Boxing and Starcrush? Have they been set aside?


@Doug -> I am contacting Tanuki and when I have information, I will come back here, probably tomorrow afternoon I think. Perhaps can you made another try?

@Tom Beck -> Many thanks for your great support! I think you will find the physical releases very great :)

@cjherr -> The "story" about Boxing and Starcrush is that these games are delayed for two reasons: to be available at the same time with the book (this one needs some additional information, notably the Vault cartridge) and also we have some delayed concerning the artworks.illustrations for them. So in order to not delay again the other games, we have decided to release the three gales already complete.

And thanks for people that have already ordered the games, we appreciate your support, sorry for the delay but it is just a labour of love. Just be sure when we announce something, it will be released. "When" that is the question ;)

And, of course, we have planned more games after these three and the other two! It is just the beginning of great Videopac releases! :)


@Doug: can you make another try? Normally the problem is solved. Let me know!


Thank you to everyone who has already ordered our 3 new Videopac games - we really appreciate your support!
This message is just to warn you that we probably won't be making more copies than have been pre-ordered. So if you're thinking of buying one or more of these games in the future, we urge you to do so without delay.
For our next games (due out in a few months' time), we'll certainly be limiting ourselves to the pre-order phase, as we can reasonably expect to release more copies than are actually sold.  Thank you for your understanding, but with this kind of very small-scale production, it's difficult for us to do otherwise. But we are determined to support the production of new Videopac games as much as we can, just as we do on a plethora of other systems like Intellivision or ColecoVision for example.
Here's the link to the 3 games on offer, all designed by the very talented Rafael Cardoso.


I must admit I kind of lost trackon which games I have ordered and whoch I have not, also due to the fact there is such a long time passing from announcement to preorder to payment to delivery.
Anyways - yeah, please let me have all of them or do I need to order from the linked page? I think I already mentioned here that I want to order these games.


Oh, just saw my name on the preorder list. When can I settle the payment?


I would like to have all three games, but I'm unable to add Demon Fire to the chart, it doesn't work. Any suggestion?


@Immergruen: I think all you need to do now is place your order on the site and make your payment. Thank you for your support!
@dronspa: we tested it and it works. It looks like it can take a little while sometimes for it to validate. Try again and wait a few seconds to see if Demon Fire can be added to the basket? Thank you. Don't hesitate to come back to me if the problem persists.


What is my next move? I am on the First post`s preordering list...



@minodk: All you have to do now is place your order directly on the website. A few weeks ago I indicated that pre-orders were open.
I'd like to invite all the people mentioned in the first post who haven't yet placed an order to do so. I'm sorry I probably wasn't specific enough in my explanations.


Quote from: RayXambeR on March 10, 2024, 11:42:40 AM@dronspa: we tested it and it works. It looks like it can take a little while sometimes for it to validate. Try again and wait a few seconds to see if Demon Fire can be added to the basket? Thank you. Don't hesitate to come back to me if the problem persists.

Certainly, I had to wait a few seconds to make the purchase correctly. Order of the three games done.

Thank you.


Hello, I cannot order Demon Fire, it says it is out of stock. And what about the two other games? Thanks for your support!


@immergruen -> you can go back to the site, a very few number of copies are available. Take your chance!

I thought that interested people would have pre-ordered relatively quickly, but it's possible that the information wasn't very visible (just one post in a topic). In short, this meant that Demon Fire was sold out but that some people on the list didn't have time to order it. This was the case for Immergruen. So, we invite any latecomers to order on the website. Tanuki has reopened the page for this purpose.
We will see if there is more interest to offer few extra copies. But, in the other side the number of copies for Relics and Monkey jump are are inferior to those of demon fire, so it is difficult to estimate number of copies to do to so as not to limit the number of players and not to have too much of a deficit at the end ...
Thank you for your understanding.


Thanks - I just placed the order.
Yes, this probably slipped through somehow. I remember receiving a mail for this, but thought this was a separate ordering channel and the pre-orders from would be processed here as well. Thanks for re-opening the ordering!


I am interested in Relics, however when can we realistically expect to see the games? I prreordered Demonfire so long ago and still not sure when it will be released? Do you have any upodates?