FIVE NEW GAMES for the Videopac/O2 ... and a book!

Started by RayXambeR, September 09, 2023, 02:30:34 PM

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You have a sale right here!  Put me down for all items

Pickaxe Brad!

Quote from: cjherr on October 02, 2023, 09:36:55 PMAny screenshots/videos regarding Boxing and Starcrush? I'd like to see some more information before adding them to my order.

I have no proof of this, but StarCrush  sounds very similar to...
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Ah hell. I'll just go ahead and order StarCrush and Boxing along with the other two I'm already in for.


The enemies of Relics of the Mad King are attacking the poor hero (and his bow)!
Here are some goodies that will come with the physical release of the game.

In a future post you will see some of goodies for Starcrush! Their printings are being made now! ;)


Here are the visuals of the new "premium" style boxes we'll finally be offering for our next three Videopac editions. We're finalizing the pages for the website, and will announce them before the end of the year, or at the very beginning of the next one ;)
The quality is even better than our usual editions (like Frozen Fort, for example). We've changed the order of our games a little, but Starcrush is still planned, of course! And more!
Merry Christmas to everyone!


Bonjour RayxXamber, excellente nouvelle  ;:) peux t'on réserver les Jeux et attendre pour faire un livraison groupée ?
Les Jeux seront disponibles en version limite et en version standard, non numéroté et sans stock limité ?
Le carton de la boîte est il un peu plus raison que précédemment (frozen fort)
Merci et bonne continuation


Quote from: Vectrex103 on January 10, 2024, 09:03:57 AMBonjour RayxXamber, excellente nouvelle  ;:) peux t'on réserver les Jeux et attendre pour faire un livraison groupée ?
Les Jeux seront disponibles en version limite et en version standard, non numéroté et sans stock limité ?
Le carton de la boîte est il un peu plus raison que précédemment (frozen fort)
Merci et bonne continuation

I answer in English so that as many people as possible can use it ;)

So we're going for a limited run of 30 copies (of each game, of course) and I'm not sure there'll be a reissue afterwards, as we did for frozen fort. There'll just be a very complete edition, with a makingof booklet, cool goodies, etc., as always.

As soon as I have more info on deadlines and as soon as the website pages have been validated, I'll post a message here!


1 copy of each game for me please. With book.



I would like all games, but I paid for Demon fire already.



I am interested but would like to know how much they cost before I order.



Hello everybody! Here is the official announcement for the next three Videopac games published by Côté Gamers! It's taken us a long time, for various reasons, but also because we wanted to take the quality of our editions up a notch, starting with the packaging, which we'd describe as premium, still featuring the sheath style, but with a very rigid plastic box on the inside to avoid the "box effect", the effect of the top part collapsing slightly. We've also started designing and manufacturing our own cartridges (although Marc remains in charge of the PCBs), which we model and print ourselves. We hope you'll appreciate the work we've done, the main aim of which was to avoid having to destroy vintage games in order to recover the shells. We can also customize cartridges. So, depending on the game, the cartridges won't always be the same color and will have the name of the game inscribed on them. If you like, you can even decorate them with bonuses and fun goodies! What's more, our editions always include a full-color makingof booklet, now in three languages: English, of course, but also Dutch and Portuguese, to please the developer, eh Rafael! :) We hope this will enable even more people to read the detailed makingofs we've concocted for you! For those of you who pre-ordered Demon Fire at the time (time flies...), don't panic, it will be taken into account and at the original price. In this case, the price had to be increased by a few euros to compensate in part for the qualitative leap in these editions, and above all for the now staggering cost of paper, consumables and so on. We try not to pass this on too much to players, but it's the best we can do. It's also the main reason why we're releasing 3 games at the same time, so you can save on shipping costs, which is not insignificant these days. We'll try to do more of that later. We should be able to offer you our book (we'll have to be patient for a few months yet) along with at least 2 games, so that you can group your purchases together. That's a lot of money to put out all at once, but I think you'll be better off at the end. Thanks for your support, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to post here or contact Côté Gamers (or me by mp if you like, no problem!). I'd like to thank Rafael once again for the superb games he makes. He really helps bring the hoimebrew scene to life on this machine we all love so much. It's also why we strive to do our very best in publishing, between the illustrations we find superb, and the particular care we take with content. Well done in advance, the games are expected to be available before the end of March, so it won't be long now! In any case, all the cartridges are ready, as are the visuals for the boxes, and all that's left to do is the layout of the makingof booklets. Thanks in any case for thinking about pre-ordering, as we've only planned about thirty copies of each game. This is not to "rush" you, but to let you know that we're not at all sure that we'll be able to reissue them easily in the future - that's the main problem with this kind of edition, which concerns small-scale homebrew scenes. But we make a point of supporting these developments. We do this on a number of machines, such as MSX, Atari ST, Colecovision and so on. We're even ready to do it on Gakken TV Boy one day, just to let you know! :)

And if you are interested in history, preservation and other homebrew scenes, take a look on other items we are making: Vectral a compilation of 4 games on Vectrex, some MSX games very cool (tiny magic, eggy maze, metro meros, ...) and more!


I guess it's not possible to order the additional 2 games in the USA yet...

Tom Beck

Since I had already pre-ordered Demon Fire back then, I have now pre-ordered the other two games.

The cover photos look fantastic. And if the quality of Frozen Fort is even remotely continued, it will be great releases.

I was allowed to play all 3 games thanks to Rafael for my little Youtube channel and present them there. For all those who still have doubts. All 3 games are  fantastic and are some of the best Rafael has ever programmed.

I've gotten some reactions to the videos, that they can't believe that they are Videopac games.

So be sure to buy and don't miss it. Many thanks to Côté Gamers! for these beautiful releases.
;)  Killed the Killer Bees  ;)
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I have preordered Relics to add to my already existing preorder of Demon Fire, and now await with breathless anticipation.