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FIVE NEW GAMES for the Videopac/O2 ... and a book!

Started by RayXambeR, September 09, 2023, 02:30:34 PM

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@retroshaun. Yes we know for the delay, really sorry for that, but a lot of reorganization has been necessary, particularly considering the postal problems we've encountered, both in terms of quality of service (lots of parcels lost or delivered super late) and exorbitant prices (especially compared with the quality!). What's more, we've undertaken to change our packaging, which was already very high quality, to make it even better. We've finally received a validation prototype that confirms everything we wanted. So, we're going to say that the games will be available at the end of April, which should be good. We're also sometimes subject to the goodwill of the printer, who sometimes gives us bigger orders than the few dozen copies we ask for... In short, all this plus delays caused by us mean that there have been long delays. So we've postponed our fire to deliver the 3 games simultaneously and save players money on postage. So I can assure you that you can order Relics without fear and receive Demon Fire and Relics simultaneously. I don't think you'll be disappointed with the result! And we hope that seeing the quality of these editions will motivate Videopac fans a little more, because we've got more games to come ;)


All the elements are now in the hands of the printer, and we'll be receiving them in the course of April, with dispatch starting immediately thereafter.
Thank you to everyone who supported us by ordering at least one of the three games on offer. There are still a few copies of Relics of the Mad King and Monkey Jump left, so there's still time to snap them up - you won't be disappointed by the quality of Rafael's games!


The only thing missing is the interior foam, which is a little behind schedule. As soon as we receive them, we'll be able to start shipping! Stay tuned!
And it is always time for latecomers to order Relics of the Mad King and/or Monkey Jump ;) (Demon Fire no longer available).