NEW GAME and special BOOK (and more!) to come from Côté Gamers!

Started by RayXambeR, December 29, 2021, 07:32:30 PM

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Over the past weeks, postal charges from France have become even more prohibitive than they were before. Since then, we've been trying to find a solution for customers that will have as little impact as possible. If you follow the AtariAge Intellivision forum, you'll already know about, for example, our Norseman 2 game (yes, a totally original creation based on the Norseman we know so well :) and our LPDC controller for the Mattel system.
As for what we've been planning for quite some time on Videopac, we've given it some thought and decided that: to offer all our projects/games at the same time, so that people interested in several or all of these products can benefit from reduced shipping costs for the whole package. It's the only way we've found to cut costs considerably. This does not apply to certain countries, notably in Europe, where delivery by Mondial Relay is possible, in which case we strongly advise you to opt for this service rather than postal delivery.

Which brings me to the list of what we'll be offering soon, announcing everything at once:
- Demon Fire (already announced)
- Monkey Jump (only in bundle with the book)
- Boxing
- StarCrush
- Relics of the Mad King

- Videopac/Odyssey2 homebrew book with Monkey Jump game (already announced)

Each item will of course remain accessible separately, and it will be possible to buy several of them without necessarily "having" to buy everything. Quite simply, this means you'll only have to pay for shipping costs as a whole, rather than individually if we had spread out the releases of these games.
For the moment, the visuals for demon fire and monkey jump are ready, and the artworks for the other 3 are in progress and will be ready almost simultaneously.
We'll also be showing you a few pages from the book, but we still need to adjust a few things before the pages are 100% finished.

What we'd like to do from now on, without opening up "paying" pre-orders, is to know exactly who among you would like this or that set of games/book, so that we can take note and also be able to estimate the number of PCBs and cartridges to be produced. The latter are fully 3D printed. The 3 games Demon fire, monkey jump and boxing have a black cartridge, while Relics has a silver-grey and Starcrush an alumina blue. Each cartridge can be embellished as the user sees fit with various decorative elements based on elements from each game.
Let me show you the Relics cartridge. This 100% original cartridge is made up of two snap-together parts, which can be opened by the user if required, without having to "destroy" the cartridge jacket. We really wanted to avoid having to recycle commercial game cartridges so as not to deplete these stocks, and because it's always painful to do so :)

I'm opening a topic dedicated to booking all or part of what Côté Gamers will be offering in a few weeks, probably in October.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Rafael, Marc and Andrew once again for their infinite patience, as these projects take up a lot of time and they'd probably like to have it all out already. But I want them to know that their patience will be fully rewarded, and that they'll enjoy the games, their physical edition and reading the book they already know so much about ;)