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DEMON FIRE - ordering is opened!

Started by RayXambeR, March 12, 2023, 04:12:42 PM

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Hi everybody!

All informations are on the website of Côté Gamers:
(French page also exists)

Basing on the other topic (, some of you are interested in receiving this game and the future combo book+Monkey Jump at the same time.

It is simple: for everyone who would like to order Demon Fire, you have to order it :) And, for people who like to receive it with book+Monkey Jump, you will receive it at the same time and pay for book+MJ at the right moment. Of course, the goal is to save on shipping costs. And you will! ;)

So, everyone has to order Demon Fire (except people who don't want to buy it :) to be sure to receive it, alone, or with book+MJ.
I hope my explanations are clear!

It is time to order the game as we are preparing the PCB on the basis of the number of effective orders. Not sure the game will be always available when the book and MJ will be on the way. Of course, Côté Gamers always make real effort to keep their games available on the long term, but it is not always possible you know.

Thanks for your support, be sure the game is very great to play and has great looking and you will receive a great packaging, a full makingof of 15 pages, 6 encyclopedic cards about O2/Videopac games and a completely new cartridge I am honestly relatively proud of ;)

A little video in action has been posted on the CG youtube page. For Odyssey2. Another video will follow for the rendering on a Videopac '+' systems (it changes the background during battle against the demon!)

Don't hesitate if you have any questions and I hope you enjoy playing Demon Fire! Kudos to Rafael Cardoso!


Sorry, I am not sure I understand: I would like to order the 2 games and the book together. Do i just order the game now, and you wait with shipping until the book and the other game is ready? If yes, how do you know not to mail Demon Fire now?



minodk : yes you have to order Demon Fire now (it is better to be sure to not miss the game and it helps us to finance the printing of packagings, PCB, carts, etc.) and you have to wait for the next release (book + monkey jump) to receive all items. To remember you will have already paid Demon Fire, we just maintain a list or our buyers, so no worry for that!


Video has been uploaded on the page and also on youtube

Tom Beck

Ordered immediately, of course.  :)

Many thanks to Côté Gamers, Rafael and Marc for this fantastic release!  :-*
;)  Killed the Killer Bees  ;)
Now also on youtube: Tom Beck collect...


Many thanks for your support, Tom, we appreciate! :)


Hello. I am just checking up on this. I ordered this on March 14 and paid. I have not received anything yet. Is this because I also requested the book and Monkey Jump? When will I hear back? Thank you...


Hey Ray

This is Andy, the guy who helped edit the O2/Videopac book.  I think I already put in my order for Demon Fire.  Is there some way you can check?  And you know I ABSOLUTELY want all 3!  I cannot wait to see the book completed!