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WTB original Philips PSU FW3300 for Videopac G7000/00

Started by Xuul, October 07, 2023, 03:26:54 PM

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I'm looking for an original 9V PSU for a Videopac G7000/00.
Philips Model FW3300.

I've tested a non-original 9V 2A PSU, but it generates too much AC noise on the DC signal to be usable with a composite AV mod ( crappy picture quality ).

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It could be that the noise is due to the switching kind of your PSU.

Suggest to try a classical AC adapter with a 50 or 60 Hz transformer like the one pictured.
These are usually less noisy, and you can detect the difference from their weight easily.
Mine weighs over 500 grams, and the switching types are much lighter.
Visit one of your local thrift stores and you may find a suitable one there at lowest cost.