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Started by ice00, April 16, 2024, 09:03:05 PM

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as my first computer was a Philips Videopack, I'm adding Intel 8048 support to my disassembler (JC64dis, actually for M6502 an Z80).

The disassembler, if he know the platform where the processor is used, can automatically comments the instructions (like in a C64 or Atari).

I try to find some information about the Odyssey and Videopack, like ROM subroutines or chip IO memory mapped registers with very little result so far (for example the Commodore manual has lot of those information and were easy to add them).

Can someone of you point me in some (programming) manual that cover those matter?

For example I did not know even at what address the Bios Rom is inserted (maybe at 00, as a preliminary disassembling or the Odyssey rom seems to use very low value of address). And where the cartridge are loaded (I will like to disassemble the two game I played on the videopack).

Thanks for the help



Thanks I get the information for automatic comments and already implemented the disassembly of both ROM and game binary image :)

Now I will integrate the syntax of The Macroassembler AS and even the binary integration of it for compilation inside the disassembler.