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C7420 manual

Started by Spacemonster, November 13, 2023, 07:59:10 PM

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Does someone has the Dutch manual for the C7420 in PDF format?  ;:)
I did found the German version, but my German is no longer what it used to be  ;-p

Regards Gerko
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Yes! I was looking for the French C7420 manual. Fortunately I get my hands on a version. You can download it from here:

Videopac G7420 Manual FRA


Also found the Spanish manual for the C7420.

Videopac G7420 Manual ESP

Now still looking for the Dutch version
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Hi guys,
Just to inform that, due to some requests, I finally TRANSLATED IN ENGLISH the book that I originally wrote in Italian about the the programming of the basic module VIDEOPAC C7420.
Now the book is available in TWO VERSIONS:  ITALIAN (identified by a blue cover) and ENGLISH (identified by a green cover) languages.
If anyone is interested in it and want to get a copy, it can be found on Amazon (the easiest way I found to publish it).
Videopac+ G7400 & C7420


That is really great Franz. I think that will be a very nice gift for under the Christmas tree.
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