Gauging interest in an Odyssey 2 DB9 conversion kit for wired Odyssey 2 systems

Started by, November 14, 2023, 04:21:56 PM

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Hi everyone, I would like to get a survey (i'm going to post this around a few other O2 groups / websites) of who here would be interested in buying a conversion kit for your wired O2 systems.

The kit will give you two DB9 ports out the back and a pair of enclosures to allow your wired controllers to plug into DB9 ports as well. 

The operation will require you to open your system, but no wire cutting or soldering will be required.  it will be pretty easy for anyone to perform safely. 

If you're interested simply email me at if you're interested.  replying here is ok with questions / and interest too, but email will be the best way to know I don't miss you.

The more interest I have the more urgent I'm going to treat this project.  I have a few things I'm juggling and this has been on the backburner for awhile and I'd love to get it live if there's enough interest.