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Started by cjherr, December 01, 2023, 08:04:15 PM

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For those of you who collect more than the O2, check out "Ed Averett's Oddysey2 Inspiration Pack" for ColecoVision. A new cart with a little hardware help that allows 24 O2 games to be played on the ColecoVision.


Alien Invaders – Plus!, Alpine Skiing!, Attack of the Timelord!, Blockout / Breakdown!, Casino Slot Machine!, Electronic Table Soccer!, Freedom Fighters!, Hockey! / Soccer!, I've Got your Number!, Invaders from Hyperspace!, K.C.'s Krazy Chase!, MonkeyShines!, Pachinko!, Pick Axe Pete!
Pocket Billiards!, Showdown in 2100 A.D., Take the Money and Run!, UFO!, Volleyball!, War of Nerves!


Conquest of the World, The Great Wall Street Fortune Hunt, The Quest for the Rings


K.C.'s Escape!

For more info:

For purchase in the US:

For purchase in Europe:

I already have these games on my O2, but I ordered a copy because it's a neat idea, and it's nice to see the Odyssey magic being spread to new viewers.


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Yeah, that does seem to be odd, but I think it has to do with the resolution of the two systems since the cart appears to be actually emulating the O2 internally, receiving and translating input and then feeding the output through the Coleco.