New ENGLISH edition of C7420 basic module programming manual

Started by Franz72, November 17, 2023, 11:10:00 AM

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Hi guys,
Just to inform that, due to some requests, I finally TRANSLATED IN ENGLISH the book that I originally wrote in Italian about the programming of the basic module VIDEOPAC C7420.

As per the Italian version, I've done this job with the only purpose to preserve memory and technical information about the C7420 module.

The book is inspired by the original programming manual of the product, but I've corrected several errors included both in description and in BASIC code of the original manual and integrated the manual with new examples. I also enriched the manual with screenshots made with O2EM emulator.

Now the book is available in TWO VERSIONS:  ITALIAN (blue cover) and ENGLISH (green cover) languages.
If anyone is interested in it and want to get a copy, it can be found on Amazon (the easiest way I found to publish it). The price is not cheap, due to the color printing that I selected in high quality paper and colors.

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I hope I have done something that all retrocomputing enthusiasts and fans of this machine will appreciate!
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Today I received my copy of the English version of this book.
Very nice to have finally the English manual of the C7420 module.
Also the history written out of this rare Videopac module is great.

Francesco did a very nice job to preserve this piece of history, thank you!

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Thanks a lot Gerko!

Could you kindly leave a review on Amazon (no matter if positive or negative), just to share your impression on the book?

Thanks in advance and happy new year!

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