Forming Boston area Game Developer Programming Group (looking for participants)

Started by, January 20, 2024, 12:30:57 AM

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If anyone reading this is in the greater Boston area, we'll be meeting on a monthly basis starting in February.  Please reply here or PM me if you'd like to be involved.

Right now we have 4 confirmed members and 2 others I'm waiting to hear are in fact confirmed and committed to participate. 

We are a group of users who are not experienced O2/VP programmers so if anyone here would like to offer some tutorials / how to's via Zoom please also let me know. 

Our goal is to break down one aspect of game development at a time and really drill on on how it works and how to apply it. 

I have some initial hello world code that I was able to get working (with help from the community) so I'm hoping we can start there and branch out.

I'm also aware of the new upcoming Game Maker for the O2 that's in development.  Naturally when this becomes public, we'll almost certainly be diving into this platform, but until then we're going to learn the fundamentals like how to make a custom sprite, how to move one, how to track scores, how to make sound effects, etc.