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How do I make sure 8048H chip is dead?

Started by niva, April 30, 2024, 08:05:37 PM

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Hi there!

Found an Odyssey2 with it's original box and, like 12 games in the trashes a couple of years ago, but obviously, it doesn't work.

I think the 8048 chip is dead, as there is not much difference either I put a cartridge in or not: I get some garbage, random graphics (see pics).

I have 5V where it is supposed to be, so, I'd like to how I can make sure 8048H chip is dead. I am an audio guy so I can use a scope and a multimeter, but I am not familiar with "clocks", and other video terms.

I checked every connection on the cartridge connector and they are all good (conductive). I know it is a common failure. I also reflowed a couple of solderings.

So anyone here can teach me how to quickly check if the 8048 is good or bad?

And if it is bad, anyone here selling a programmed 8048?

I'd LOVE to resurrect this cool video game!

Merci beaucoup!

Guillaume, Québec, Canada.


Hi Guillaume,

simplest way would be fitting a good one and see if it changes sth. Can't you borrow one from sby ?

De rien  ;)



Thanks for the answer.

Actually I'd send my chip to someone who could check it, and if it's busted, I would buy one, ready to install.

Anyone ready to get my 8084H and check it?

... and what is "sby"?


If it realy is a 8048, and not a 8084H, then I can have a try.

This is mine ( non functioning ) :

PM me for address exchange