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Midwest Gaming Classic 2024

Started by RickO2, April 09, 2024, 03:17:12 AM

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This past weekend was the Midwest Gaming Classic in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA). The event is now 100 times the size it was the first year I went in the early 2000's. Which is good and bad. So many people all competing for the same "Rare" items in the Vendor Hall. Unfortunately Odyssey2 games were almost impossible to find. I talked with a couple vendors and they said they don't bring the games to shows anymore because they don't sell. I know we here are a small subset of gamers and we aren't getting younger but it hurt to see how little was even known about the system from vendors. When I began going to the show there was always at least one or 2 tables with hard to find O2 games ranging from Rare games, homebrews, and Foreign releases. The only games I saw at the show this year were all commons. Very Disappointing. How are other gaming conventions around the world? Are you finding the Videopac games fewer at shows? Just curious if it's a USA thing.


Same here in Europe, Videopac games are hard to find.
Vendors said they don't bring the Videopac games to events anymore because they don't sell.
It's a pity to find some games now.
Videopac digger