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Started by Ozyr, September 07, 2007, 01:59:49 AM

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Well, thought I'd restart this topic, as I liked it before.

Here are systems that I have and currently collect for:

Atari 2600 (used to be big on this, but not anymore - still like it though - just don't collect for it much)
Atari 5200 (love it, but don't play it as often as I should - Space Dungeon kicks butt)
Atari 7800 (love it, now that I have a Cuttle Cart II!)
Arcadia 2001 (very odd, underdog system, that for some reason I like)
Bally (Astrocade) (cool stuff - best Wizard of Wor for any system)
ColecoVision (love it, but the cartridge and ports get corroded too easily)
Genesis (was really into this years ago, now it is just casual - buy a few games once in a blue moon).
Intellivision (now here is something else. This system kicks butt, and with the Cuttle Cart III, it rules. Yes, I like this better than the Odysssey2/Videopac!)
Jaguar, Atari (Big time on this cool system, even though it doesn't get the play it used to get)
Jaguar CD, Atari (have some, but wonder how long the CD unit will hold out - they don't last long normally)
Lynx, Atari (2nd favorite handheld system - this thing could have killed the Gameboy - if Atari had marketed it correctly!)
Nintendo 64 (have four games for it, and have not played any yet - it's on the 'to do' list!)
Nintendo DS (favorite handheld so far - this thing is truly the king of portables for now - I've got four systems and counting - 1 original, 3 lites)
Nintendo GBA SP (I like this handheld, but wish I had gotten the brighter screen one that came out a year or so ago - still, has some rather cool games)
Nintendo GameCube (the underdog of the last generation! I really like this system, even though many do not)
Nintendo Wii (Only current Gen system I have, and I love it. I don't give a hoot what the hardcore gamers say, this system is #1 for a reason. Don't have a lot of games for it yet - will have lots more when I finally get a job!)
Odyssey2/Videopac (not the system I like the best, but it is the system I love the most - if that makes any sense. I really enjoyed playing games on the old O2, and know most of the charm is because it was the first system from the early 80's that I really liked. I still think it beats the 2600 though - not in game quantity - but quality!)
Playstation I (great system, but it's been collection dust for a while now. I don't find too many game for this thing anymore at game shows).
Vectrex (now here is a really great underdog system. Some really good games, and a dedicated homebrew following).

Apple II (c, e, gs) (My first BIG computer. I loved having these over the years, all the way up to the time that Apple silently dropped them from the market. I still play the IIgs on a regular basis)
Commodore 128 (got a few C64 carts - have not played it yet!)
Macintosh (yes, I collect Macs! I've got over 40+ at last count, including such things at the Mac Portable, Mac+, LCIII, Quadra 605, PM 7500, iMac [original G3 model], and many, many more. No Intel macs yet though - hopefully soon. Oh, and please, no silly comments from Windows people - I get enough of those, and really don't need it. Each to their own - deal with it)

Timex/Sinclair 1000 (ZX81, T/S 1500) (I really like this old system, as it was my first computer. I still pull it out once in a while and play some games on it - like Mazogs! Plus, Ted has done a few cool things with this system, of which I have showed at a local Game who two years and counting)
Timex/Sinclair 2068 (I liked this computer, for the 4 month or so it was on the market! Still like it, but am having a hard time finding a few games for it online - not sinclair version either, but true T/S versions)

And that is it for now. I did have a Commodore Vic20, Turbographx, Super Nintendo, and Sega CD too, but sold those last year (2006). Partially to cut my collection down, and partially because I just didn't want to collect for these particular systems anymore.


Wow  :o  Thats a lot of systems! 

I'm sticking to a few systems;  O2 (of course), Colecovision, NES, and SNES.  The Odyssey 2 is the only system I am serious about collecting.  The others I pretty much just pick the games I like.  My Colecovision collection is starting to rival my Odyssey collection, Buck Rodgers and Keystone Kapers were my latest purchases. 


That is a lot of systems I mainly collect :-

Mega Drive
Mega Drive CD / 32x
Neo Geo AES
Atari 2600
I have 12"


Yeah, my collection may seem big, but you should see the ones some of my friends have! Personally, I don't see how they do it, as they usually buy games as they come out. I normally wait till the price goes down - if it does - or don't buy it at all.

One thing that helps (which I don't consider a good thing though), is that I'm not married or living with anyone. Thus I have room for all this stuff (including my huge RPG book collection). I'm actually almost to the point of having no room left, which is why I drop some systems last year. I've been debating about dropping the Jaguar for over a year now, but can't bring myself to do it.


The following systems i have:

Atari 2600 - a few different consoles, one of my bigger collections but going to sell it since i rarely play on it.
Atari Lynx - Both versions, a few games like it.
Atari Jaguar - love the system only have 4 games and 1 cd game that i can't play because i haven't got the cd unit.
Intellivision - this got me started collection videogames. Found it at a local 2de hand shop. a handfull of games.
Collecovision - has a broken joystick port. Only played it a few times. 7 games or so.
Philips Videopac - played it a lot back in the days, but selling it because i'm switching to the newer generation of consoles.
Philips CD-i - like the shooters like maddog mccree.
Sega Mastersystem - Both versions. Has some great games.
Sega Megadrive - First and second version, like virtual racing.
Sega Saturn - Both recently and play it often. Only have to fix it since it get overheated.
Sega Dreamcast - i was very impressed by the system. Has some great graphics.
Sega Gamegear - my first handheld gaming device. Played it a lot back then sold it regred it both a new one. Have to fix the speaker.
Nes - Gets hardly any play got a dozen or so games for it.
Snes - Has some great games, but again hardly play on it.
Nintendo 64 - Has some fragile joysticks other then that i like the zelda games.
Nintendo Gameboy color - currently my newest handheld.
Sony Playstation - My first console i bought, got sick of upgrading my pc every year or so.
Sony Playstation 2 - Most of my time i sent on this console. Love racing games and above all gta-sa.
Microsoft Xbox - only the console. It's a us version and somebody blew the power supply.
System 1294 - got it on a flea market newer played on it.

Commodore Vic 20 - 1 game no power supply. I don't know if it works.
Commodore 64 - Played  a lot on it my friends and family. Men those loading those games did take a long time.
Commodore amiga 500 - A few computers again played it a lot at friends.
Atari 800 - 11 games.
MSX 2 - got a few msx1 and 2's love the konami games.
Laser 2001 - a rare system, working.
Comx35 - a other rare system, got a built in joystick.
Apple lc-II - or LC-III don't know.
Philips :YES - one of the few computers that came with a intel 80186 microcontroller.

Well that will be it i think.

QuoteOne thing that helps (which I don't consider a good thing though), is that I'm not married or living with anyone.

Surething it helps a lot. ;)
Or you have a girlfriend (or wife, i think he got merried) like steelballs that likes collecting to.

8 bits of fun



What are your thoughts on the Arcadia 2001 system? I store here has one and some games and the owner told me that the price was negotiable. I looked at the reviews on some of the games at the Video Critic site and they seem comparable to the O2 review.

I tend toward the more obscure systems and I was thinking my next system would be Colecovision, but now I'm intrigued by this Arcadia.


Quote from: daddy_scott on March 11, 2017, 06:36:16 PM
Ozyr, What are your thoughts on the Arcadia 2001 system?

Unfortunately I think Dave has not visited our forum lately. Maybe you can try more about this system by winarcadia ???


Arcadia 2001 is ok
it is an odd system
I like it because I love "failed" systems
most of the games you can find elsewhere
but it has some exclusive ones like Pleiads and The End

dont expect to have all the games
some have crazy prices