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board glitch?

Started by WaxyChicken, December 22, 2007, 03:20:00 AM

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I didn't receive an e-mail when my account was activated here.
just out of curiosity i tried to log in again and zap - it worked.
all of this time i was waiting for an e-mail that never came.  Heh.

when i registered it said i would get an e-mail upon activation.
if it's a glitch then i thought you might like to know about it.

I'm a pain in the butt guy who asks millions of questions because I want to learn EVERYTHING.  When was it made?  what if you drop it in soda?  Can it melt? Will it run on beer?  Is it friendly to poulty? If you invert it, will it run code backwords?  Do the trees moving make the wind blow?
- Cluck


Thats correct, my mistake.
The forum is set that when someone registers they have to be approved by the administrator. When he approves they receive an activation email.
Unfortunately their are some internet connection problems with my pc. Of course they appaered the minute I was approving you. So i had to approve again and then I pressed the wrong button.

So, the glitch is not in the forum but in me and my PC.

Won't happen again.  ;:)

Thanks for reporting it.
Ne tirez pas sur le administrator!