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Collection 5 Rare Odyssey games - Launch edition 2020

Started by Luciano, March 27, 2021, 02:04:08 PM

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Hello, it is with joy that we announce and make this new feature available to everyone, with a lot of dedication and affection ...

New for your collection!
Set of the 5 Rare games Odyssey BR - This edition is a reproduction of the original (We only produce 15 sets).

- O Gato e o Rato
- O Segredo do Faraó
- Bombardeio Submarino / Tiro ao Alvo
- Telegrafista
- Desafio Chinês

Complete collection of 5 games, each containing:
- Cartridge
- Manual
- Case
- Index Card
- Illustrated and plasticized glove
- Acetate case
- Holographic stamp

See video:

This set of games was reproduced with material that was lost, abandoned or about to be played for recycling.

So the cartridge is all original, especially the game chip, Eprom, without placing jumpers because it is from the same family as the original chip, we managed to acquire it from a stock kept and preserved in Japan, an innovation never done before.





Please put me in the list in case you make another batch.